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ePUB to Kindle Maker 2.4

An extremely simple tool to convert your ePUB files into MOBI documents
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"ePUB to Kindle Maker" is an extremely simple conversion tool that transforms any ePUB file into MOBI, a format for electronic books that your Kindle reader can display. The interface could not be any simpler, and it is only topped by the simplicity of the conversion process. The resulting files will carry the MOBI extension and are fully compliant with your Kindle’s specifications.

Though ePUB is currently the most widely used e-book format on the market – as most of the biggest publishing houses in the world have adopted it as their default e-book format – Amazon’s Kindle, probably the most widely sold and used e-book reader, does not support it. This is what makes a tool like "ePUB to Kindle Maker" necessary, as most e-books that you are likely to buy outside the Amazon sites will carry the ePUB extension. Its batch conversion capabilities will let you transform any number of ePUB books into their Kindle-compatible versions.

The program converts not only ePUB files into MOBI e-books, but also any other HTML, TXT, or OPF document. No settings or customization features are available, so the conversion process will clone the layout present in the input file, warts and all.

Finally, note that the MOBI extension is interchangeable with AZW and PRC – you can rename them yourself, if you wish, as the three of them refer to the same type of file container.

Francisco Martínez
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